Essay on a Teacher: a Basic Approach to Writing

Writing an essay on a teacher is probably one of the most challenging assignments students may face during their education. What should be stressed is that this kind of paper, apart from common difficulties characteristic of all academic writing tasks, sets certain specific requirements to be met by an author. The reason is that you have to try to be as objective as possible. A teacher is a very reputable vocation and an individual, who plays an extremely important role in a student’s development, both professional and personal. Whether you like or dislike your teacher or their methods, it is rather difficult to stay objective. Anyways, students’ attitude is seldom neutral. That being said, doing this kind of job requires solid preparation.essay on a teacher

A Preparation Stage

The right choice of a topic for your work is what determines how fluently the further process will go and whether you will be able to propose an interesting discussion to your readers. At this stage, it is necessary to consider that your main text should be as specific as possible. Choosing a random topic in hope to provide just a blend of general reasons is not an option. You will be better off avoiding general statements, while conveying your own specific thoughts on the subject can make your paper look advantageous as compared to those submitted by your peers.

Another helpful idea to consider is that you should always try to provoke discussion with your paper. While some readers may be quite engaged with your thoughts and reasons, remember that most people may have their own attitude towards the subject. Therefore, they will feel more exciting to discuss with you indirectly. Once involved into this kind of remote debates, they will want to read on to follow your train of reasons.


With sound preliminary preparation, the writing process becomes an almost routine procedure. For this end, however, you should have a proper structure predefined, with Introduction, the body and Conclusion being mandatory sections.

Introduction is a passage that comes first. Here, the author is expected to define the problem and describe his/her approach to finding a solution. Actually, the first part of your paper is a thesis statement, which is to introduce your work to readers and engage the latter.

The body contains the main text. This is where you may feel free to provide any ideas and support them with evidence and facts. Consider using charts and pictures as visual materials help catch the point much easier.

Conclusion is where you have to sum up the reasoning provided above. Try to make it as impressive as possible and summarize your position in clear words. When it comes to an essay on a teacher, show how you respect people of this vocation. You may argue different aspects of teaching or education approaches, but you have to appreciate what a great and important job teachers do for our society. You can also mention that, while your research has come to the end, there is still room for more investigation in the future.

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