Attentiveness will help to avoid most of the problems of students

Life events cannot be predicted in advance. We do not know what awaits us in a few minutes or hours. It is also impossible to say exactly what emotions will cause us a particular event. Everyone feels calm and balanced when only good things happen in his life. Positive emotions have a good impact on a person’s life, encouraging him to commit good deeds. Negative events in people’s lives bring only negative emotions that have a bad impact not only on the person but also his environment. After all, a person experiencing negative emotions is often irritated and can enter into conflicts with others.

Everyone has his own ways of self-control and calm in the event of stressful situations and suppression of negative emotions. However, there are times when the situation gets out of control and a person is not able to control himself. In such cases, he can commit acts, the consequences of which will be irreversible.

Ways to avoid negative emotions

Every person, who experience negative emotions, trying to do everything possible to get rid of the stimulus that caused these emotions. Everyone has his own thoughts and behaviour in this case, but can be called the most common and general of them:

  1. Ignore the problem and pretend that nothing bad happened. This helps some people forget about the negative event that caused the bad emotions and concentrate on more pleasant and important things or events.
  2. Thinking about the fact that the events that caused negative emotions, it’s not the worst thing that could happen to a person. Often people who can’t ignore a problem start thinking and imagining the worst-case scenario. Thus, a person understands that he was not in a bad situation and it brings him relative peace.
  3. Making attempts to escape from the happened troubles and problems artificially. This means not trying to solve the problem and thus fix everything, but to cause artificial positive emotions through the use of alcohol or drugs.

The attitude of adolescents to stressful situations

Teenagers and students usually react very painfully to various kinds of problems and uncomfortable situations. This is due to the unformed psyche and lack of life experience that would allow them to respond correctly to problems. Often, students simply refuse to accept reality and solve problems. This can greatly aggravate the situation.

Young people feel temporarily relieved when they ignore the problem and do not try to solve it. However, in the future, this may have a negative impact on the person in the form of depression and low self-esteem. It is important for young people to understand that if an unpleasant event has already happened and it cannot be changed, it is very important to learn how to manage their emotions and behaviour.

Teachers’ attention as a tool to regulate students’ negative emotions

Students are still unformed individuals, including their cognitive skills are still in the process of formation. That is why stressful situations can lead to their emotional distress.

Very often, students cannot cope with their own experiences about certain problems. In this case, teachers should come to their aid. They will give them moral support and help to settle negative emotions. The main factor here is the attention of teachers to identify the problem in time.

Teachers should explain to students that it is impossible to avoid stress in everyday life, but they can learn to manage their emotions to avoid aggravating the problem. The teacher should speak to the student as a friend, but not try to come into conflict with him and impose his opinion on him.

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