How to Make Paper in Minecraft

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

               Making a Crafting Table

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    Gather some Wood. The Crafting Table is the most essential tool of Minecraft, since without it, you can’t create any tools, blocks, or items needed for elaborate builds or survival. To make a Crafting Table, you’ll first need some Wood. Go and punch some trees to get some Wood (1 Wood creates 4 Wood Planks in your basic Crafting Grid, which is all you need).

    • To punch a tree, simply Press and hold the left mouse button (PC), press the Left Bumper button (Xbox) while facing the trunk, or simply tap the trunk with your finger (PE).
    • If you already have a Crafting Table, you can go ahead to the section on making paper.
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    Open your inventory. Now press the E key (PC), the X button (Xbox), or the […] icon (PE) to view your inventory. You’ll see, aside from several boxes where your items are stored in, a set of four empty boxes arranged into a box formation with an arrow pointing towards a single empty box. That is your initial Crafting Grid, where you can make various things. However, seeing as it only has 4 slots in the grid, you can’t make anything complicated with it, which is why you need a Crafting Table.
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    Place Wood on one of the slots. Do this by selecting it (clicking on it for the PC versions, scrolling to it with the RB and LB buttons on the Xbox, and tapping it in PE), and you’ll see that an item appears on the single box. You’ll see that you got 4 Wood Planks for your single Wood.

    • If you’ve got more wood, feel free to convert it all to planks, but for now, all you’ll be needing are 4 Wood Planks
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    Place 1 Wood Plank on each box of the four boxes in the crafting grid. You’ll see another item on the rightmost box again. Take that item, and you now have a Crafting Table!
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    Place the Crafting Table on the ground. Do this by right-clicking or pressing the Left Trigger button on your controller. Now you can use the Crafting Table to make paper!


Making Paper

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    Find some Sugarcane. Now, you need to explore the nearby area to find your Sugarcane. They can be found beside bodies of water and resemble a cluster of tall bamboo or reeds, and each individual unit of it can be placed on a block directly beside water to grow more. It’s pretty easy to spot them as long as you keep an eye out for water. They’re common enough that most players can probably spot a few growing near their starting areas.
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    Gather 3 Sugarcanes. You can gather sugar canes the same way you gathered Wood. Just punch at it.
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    Open the Crafting Table. Once you’ve enough Sugar canes, access your Crafting Table’s menu by facing the table and right-clicking or pressing the X button.
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    Make paper! Place 3 Sugarcanes in a row. It will result in 3 pieces of Paper from the slot next to the grid.


  • You might need to be a bit more experienced to truly take advantage of the wonders of paper. This is because most recipes with paper involve gunpowder, obtained from killing Creepers, which explode and kill you if you don’t time the hits right. The other recipes involve redstone and the creation of books, which are ingredients and tools for more advanced players. Once you’re more experienced, though, you can now create many wonderful things, like bookshelves, fireworks, maps, and even the elusive Enchantment Table!

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